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All dresses are haute couture and some of them are made of pure silk. For decoration only high quality glass crystals are used.

Decoration for different categories:

  • CASUAL - synthetic fabrics, small stage and group costumes

  • CLASSIC - synthetic fabrics with 600-800 crystals

  • PREMIUM - pure silk and/or decorated with 800-1400 crystals

  • PREMIUM EXTRA - pure silk and/or decorated with 1400-3000 crystals


The very same dress is never made twice! If you like a costume it has already been sold, we can prepare one for you in a different color or with a slight change to the original dress.
Prices do not include the shipping fee, as it depends the weight and place of delivery.
Normally one costume's shipping fee comes down to 50-75 EUR with FedEx.

When you find the design that suits your likings, let me know and I will send you the bank or any other transferring details you prefer, so your order can be completed.

Custom made costumes

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